Again, we join together, what belongs together – each
individual pair of wedding rings, designed to perfection in
form and detail, will be manufactured using master
craftsmanship and the latest production technologies.


brunoM weddings bands – formerly Bruno Meyer Trauringe "born" in 1950 – have always been manufactured exclusively in the “jewelry city” of Pforzheim.

Since 2012, the wedding ring specialists of the egf manufacture have taken over the task of further developing this traditional brand with love and devotion.

It is a modern label featuring an elegant and diverse collection. The delicately designed rings, balanced in form and detail, build bridges into the here and now with their innovative ideas and compositions.

brunoM weddings bands are lovingly created reflections of the mutual lifetime promise. Their individual design, however, makes them far from replaceable and thereby a very personal symbol of the shared values and principles.

Your possibilities regarding the designing of your rings offered by our so far unrivaled configuration system leaves nothing to be desired. It is our pleasure and honor to manufacture your very personal wedding bands and rings for the very special moments in your life.


Wedding rings by brunoM are manufactured exclusively in our longestablished manufacture in Pforzheim.

The promise of quality that we offer is not merely lip service paid to our clients, but also documented through certification by the “Schmucktechnologisches Institut der Hochschule Pforzheim”, the faculty for jewelry technology of the Pforzheim University.

Manifold precious metal alloys, produced exclusively and sometimes applying patented alloying processes in our forge, are further processed into seamless blanks with unique hardness and material quality. Highly skilled and experienced employees then manufacture rings using modern production techniques.

Our goldsmiths, jewelry setters, engravers, and fine polishers ensure that your very individual wedding rings are handcrafted with master perfection and dedication according to your specifications.

Their expertise and commitment provide for the elaborate décor, finely worked edges and surfaces, inside processing for optimum wearing comfort, perfect diamond setting, individual engraving as well as finishing touches in the polishing and electroplating department.

All of this makes your wedding ring a unique individual piece and breathes life into our “M”.

The motto of our collection is very close to our heart –

oments of Life: the very special moments in our life...


The product of love

The story of egf is all about love. This sentence in itself is what sets egf apart. We make products out of love, and for love – for two people who have found their soul mates in each other, who wish to journey through life’s heights and depths together. Love is made up of all the values that shape our daily work and our rings. Just as nothing is comparable to the feeling of love, our symbols of it are unique and highly individual.

Bound to our customers in a long-term partnership based on trust, loyalty and fairness, we grow closer together through each idea, each evolution and each model in the entire development process.

We owe the steady growth of our company mainly to our employees’ longstanding experience and passion for innovation. With heart, soul and dedicated love for detail they combine state-of-the-art-precision technologies with their refined craftsmanship to produce unique jewelry pieces. Warm and respectful collaboration is part of our corporate philosophy. As such, we also take great care in fostering long-standing business relations with our suppliers.

Naturally, we at egf are also concerned about sustainability. Besides developing, producing and selling unique wedding rings, our company’s mission and target is to be committed to interpersonal, environmental and social responsibility. We only source conflict-free Gold and Platinum Group Metals from RJC Chain-of-Custody Suppliers and purchase diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.

Future generations are depending on us to protect our environment, climate and resources. All of the electricity our own solar panels produce is used exclusively by our company. Long-lasting success requires ecological and economical thinking and acting. We therefore sponsor and support social projects in collaboration with various organizations and institutions.

Love – for our customers, employees, suppliers, environment, and fellow word citizens – is the inspiration for and reason why we do what we do.

Creating wedding rings with and for love is our story, our lifeblood and our mission.