You immediately focused on one certain model, you like various designs or the brunoM collection has inspired you to design your own ring! – > get started>


Our unique configuration system – wedding or engagement rings or
eternity bands from the brunoM collection shall become the
individual symbols for the very special moments in your life!

Get to know the manifold possibilities of individualizing your
wedding rings with the help of our configurator. Enjoy looking at the
rings you like and designing your rings according to your


  • Select a base model!
  • Choose your ring profile and define its height and width!
  • Which material and which color or color combinations of the precious metal do you prefer?
  • Design the surface of your rings with lines and structures or do you prefer your ring to be classically polished or matte?
  • Regarding a possible diamond in the bride’s ring, the configurator may leave you spoilt for choice.
  • The rings of the bride and groom are usually similar in shape and color – but sometimes, a lightly wider ring looks better on a male’s stronger hand.

These results stored and printed on the wish list are the
perfect preparation for a visit to your local brunoM jeweler.

Based on their experience and expertise, the jeweler will
assist you in selecting ring profiles, shapes, and material
properties, and will help you measure the ring size and
much more.

All of this makes your wedding ring a unique individual piece
and breathes life into our “M”.